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BusMate® brings together a small-footprint, pluggable power busbar interface with high ampacity rating, auto-alignment mating, and design-specific configurability to handle a wide range of power-dense application scenarios.

Compact Size
Small size conserves PCB space in assemblies providing lots of flexibility in design options.


High ampacity to size ratio
Designed to deliver high current capacity for high-density power applications

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Accommodates​ large mating mismatch or offsets
Floating Contact Technology allows for busbar misalignment helps take up stack-up tolerance in subassemblies.

Robust Power Busbar Coupler – BusMate®

Increased Power Density and Flexibility

BusMate® shortens design cycles and streamlines assembly operations for your power busbar systems. The fast moving EV industry, with unique power applications and high-power density connectivity challenges, requires a real understanding of both design and manufacturing to streamline the total process for supporting today’s short time-to-market needs.

Interplex’s BusMate® application team brings both product design and manufacturing expertise to our work with OEMs and top tier suppliers, along with deep experience for creating the right solution based on your specific application and product needs. Our technical teams take a holistic approach to understand the complete functional and application requirements of your assembly. Important factors like voltage, current, temperatures, corrosiveness, creep distances and other requirements all need to be considered to help apply solutions that are both design friendly and executable on the manufacturing floor. We provide a complete end-to-end turnkey service including concept, application development, product design, prototyping, testing and validation; with options for production launch and support anywhere in the world.
Customizable to your end applications

Key Benefits of BusMate®

​It is built for the EV mobility market and helps to streamline the final assembly of any new product designs and maximize its efficiency while helping to increase power density.

High Power Density Busbar Pluggable Connector

Connection Technologies Develops power subassemblies that can be plugged together easily on the assembly floor.


Accomodates Large Assembly Tolerance

Allows for busbar misalignment helps take up stack-up tolerance in subassemblies.


Robust Power Coupling

Small size takes up very little space in assemblies providing lots of design options that translate to robust manufacturing methods.

A Powerful System that Transforms the Automotive Industry

As the EV revolution and other e-Mobility markets are about to radically transform personal and commercial transportation options throughout the world, automotive engineers first need to reimagine the underlying, fundamental baseline practices and systems – such as how best to handle increasing power densities and a proliferation of new design requirements.

Floating Contact Technology​

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