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The BusMate® technology coupled with the Interplex team behind it, provides an ideal complement for your internal engineering team to help fuel innovative solutions and to carry them all the way to reality. The Interplex BusMate® team is dedicated to helping our customers move past the limitations of previous power interconnect technologies with a radical new approach that emphasizes performance, design flexibility, manufacturability and cost-effective production at scale.

Benefits of BusMate®

BusMate® features


Robust Applications and Customized Options​

BusMate® combines robust, high power-density with built-in configurability and custom options. This makes BusMate® ideal for creating a wide range of cost-effective designs that are highly manufacturable and deliver unmatched field performance. Applications-specific scenarios include PCB-to-PCB, PCB-to-busbar, AC/DC inverters, transform-to-PCB, and a variety of customized configurations.

Our Range of Product Offerings

Our BusMate® Power Connectors come in various options to better suit your application requirements.​ BusMate® provides applications-specific solutions for the efficient transfer of power in applications for electric motors for steering, motion control, traction drives, power conversion, inversion, distribution, general power modules and systems.


40 to 60Amps
P/N: IPX30013 (9 Lam.)


Surface Mount

40 to 60Amps
P/N: IPX30035 (9 Lam.)


Surface Mount

60 to 80Amps
P/N: IPX30055 (14 Lam.)

Multiple application possibilities

Our BusMate® can be used in the following automotive applications:

Discover markets​

Applicable in various markets, transforming existing solutions:

Connect With Us For A FREE Application Consultation

Get an obligation-free session with our BusMate® Design Group to find the perfect fit for your EV.

Performance Specifications Table

    Test Temperature -40°C to 125°C    
Validation Test Description Specification Test Criteria   Test Results   Conclusion
Insertion Force 9 Lam. PF Top Mating Busbar Average: 90N +/- 10N Average: 90N PASS
9 Lam. SMT 70N +/- 10N 72N
14 Lam. SMT 100N +/- 10N 98N
9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.3.1 Max Resistance: less than 1.5mΩ Max: 0.104mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.097mΩ
14 Lam. SMT 0.077mΩ
Current Rating 9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.3.3 Constant Current
at 55°C ROA:
> 40Amps Average: > 60Amps PASS
9 Lam. SMT > 58Amps
14 Lam. SMT > 60Amps > 77Amps
Current Cycling 9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.3.4 ROA at rated current: < 55°C Max ROA: 46°C PASS
9 Lam. SMT 46°C
14 Lam. SMT 42°C
Mechanical Shock 9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.3.6 No discontinuity
(1 microsecond increment)
Visual Inspection
Not Applicable PASS
9 Lam. SMT
14 Lam. SMT
Vibration with
Thermal Cycling
9 Lam. PF PASS
9 Lam. SMT
14 Lam. SMT
Thermal Shock 9 Lam. PF GMW 3191 4.4.2 Max Resistance:
less than 1.5mΩ
Max: 0.118mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.122mΩ
14 Lam. SMT 0.084mΩ
Temperature Cycling
with Humidity
9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.6.2 Max: 0.136mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.112mΩ
14 Lam. SMT 0.071mΩ
High Temperature
  GMW 3191 4.4.4 Max: 0.118mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.120mΩ  
14 Lam. SMT 0.087mΩ  
High Temperature 
Exposure - Dry
9 Lam. PF SAE / USCAR2-6 5.6.3 Max: 0.121mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.115mΩ  
14 Lam. SMT 0.084mΩ  
Mixed Flow Gas 9 Lam. PF VW75174
EN 60512-11-14
Max: 0.141mΩ PASS
9 Lam. SMT 0.122mΩ  
14 Lam. SMT 0.094mΩ  
Description Part Number   1PF stands for Press-Fit    
40 to 60Amps (9 Lam. PF1) IPX30013   2SMT stands for Surface-Mount Technology    
40 to 60Amps (9 Lam. SMT2) IPX30035      
60 to 80Amps (14 Lam. SMT2) IPX30055   Note: All Testing utilize 0.8mm busbar blade    
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